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Mara Gloss GO - angolul
For PVC self-adhesive films, soft and rigid
PVC, polycarbonate, PETG, PETA, acrylics
Glossy, good opacity, fast drying, vacuumformable,
Field of Application
The Mara® Gloss GO screen printing ink is suited
• rigid and soft PVC
• PVC self-adhesive films
• polycarbonate
• PETG and PETA (attention when printing
• heavy-weight papers, pasteboard, cardboard,
wood, and press-board
It is not suited for polystyrene.
Since all the print substrates mentioned may be
different in printability even within an individual
type, preliminary trials are essential to determine
the suitability for the intended use.
Field of use
Mara® Gloss GO is a universal and flexible ink
type for a wide range of applications and substrates,
suited for printing speeds of up to 600
Due to its high flexibility, GO is especially suited
for injected substrates sensitive to cracking
of the ink film as well as for formed parts.
When printing onto soft PVC, the block resistance
must be checked by preferably putting a
silk paper between the prints.
All GO colour shades are best suited for the
printing of PETG and PETA. For printing white
onto PETG, we recommend to use GO 070 (no
Opaque White GO 170, danger of crack initiation!);
in the case of PETA, please use Maraflex
FX 970 White instead of GO 070.
For colour matches to be printed on PETA and
containing a percentage of white > 50%, it is to
use FX 970 for the mixing with GO colour
Attention: If Mara® Gloss GO is used for
moulding and it is necessary to print a white
shade, GO 070 White must be used (no Opaque
White GO 170!).
GO can also be processed with a spray gun, but
preliminary trials are necessary for this process.
In order to avoid surface irregularities, we recommend
to filter the thinned ink (25 µm
screen) before processing.
Ink Adjustment
The ink should be stirred homogeneously before
printing and if necessary during production.
Physically fast drying, ready for overprinting after
20-30 min at 20°C, stackable after 40 sec at
50°C in a tunnel dryer. The times mentioned
vary according to the print substrate, ink film
thickness, drying conditions and auxiliaries
used. Generally an extended drying time is necessary
when overprinting the ink.
Fade resistance
Pigments of excellent fade resistance are used
for all Mara® Gloss GO shades.
Shades mixed by adding Printing Varnish GO
910, or other colour shades - especially white -
mostly have a reduced fade and weather resistance.
The fade resistance of the ink also decreases
if the density of the printed ink film is reduced.
Mara® Gloss GO 170 Opaque White is not suited
for outdoor use due to its high pigmentation.
The pigments used are resistant to plasticizers
and solvents.
Technical Data Sheet
Mara® Gloss GO
Page 1/4
Marabu GmbH & Co. KG • Phone +49 7141 6910 • •
Vers. 5
19. JanMarabu
Stress resistance
After proper and thorough drying, the ink film
exhibits an outstanding adhesion as well as rub
and scratch resistance. It is highly flexible and
suitable for moulding (in the case of white, we
recommend preliminary trials).
In the case of a higher demand for rub and abrasion
resistance, especially for double-side printing
when stacked, we recommend to over-varnish
with Printing Varnish GO 910. As the ink
film of Mara® Gloss GO has a thermoplastic
characteristic, block resistance of heated print
sheets when stacked is limited.
Basic Shades
020 Lemon
021 Medium Yellow
022 Yellow Orange
026 Light Yellow
031 Scarlet Red
032 Carmine Red
033 Magenta
035 Bright Red
036 Vermilion
037 Purple Red
045 Dark Brown
055 Ultramarine Blue
056 Turquoise Blue
057 Brilliant Blue
058 Deep Blue
059 Royal Blue
064 Yellow Green
067 Grass Green
068 Brilliant Green
070 White
073 Black
High Opaque Shades
170 Opaque White
Fluorescent Shades
320 Fluorescent Yellow
323 Fluorescent Orange
331 Fluorescent Red
333 Fluorescent Pink
364 Fluorescent Green
Further Products
910 Overprint Varnish
Gloss and flexibility of GO 170 Opaque White
is reduced due to the higher pigmentation.
Due to their high transparency, fluorescent
shades must only be printed onto white surfaces.
If necessary, a white layer must be printed
prior to applying the fluorescent shade.
Fluorescent shades are very unstable if exposed
to the sunlight and are, therefore, not suitable
for outdoor use. A short-term outdoor resistance
can be achieved either if two fluorescent
shades are printed on top of each other or by
over-varnishing, or mixing 5% of a basic shade
into the fluorescent shade.
All shades are intermixable. Mixing with other
ink types or auxiliaries must be avoided in order
to maintain the special characteristics of
this ink.
All basic shades are included in our MarabuColorFormulator
(MCF). They build the basis
for the calculation of individual colour matching
formulas, as well as for shades of the common
colour reference systems HKS®, PANTONE®,
and RAL®. All formulas are stored in
the Marabu-Color Manager software.
Metallic Pastes
S 191 Silver 15-25%
S 192 Rich Pale Gold 15-25%
S 193 Rich Gold 15-25%
S 291 High Gloss Silver 10-20%
S 292 High Gloss Rich Pale Gold 10-20%
S 293 High Gloss Rich Gold 10-20%
Metallic Powders
S 181 Aluminium 17%
S 182 Rich Pale Gold 25%
S 183 Rich Gold 25%
S 184 Pale Gold 25%
S 186 Copper 33%
S 190 Aluminium, rub-resistant 12.5%
These metallics are to be added to GO 910 in
the recommended amount, whereat the addition
may be individually adjusted to the respective
application. We recommend preparing a
Technical Data Sheet
Mara® Gloss GO
Page 2/4
Marabu GmbH & Co. KG • Phone +49 7141 6910 • •
Vers. 5
19. JanMarabu
mixture which can be processed within a maximum
of 8 h since metallic mixtures usually
cannot be stored. Due to their chemical structure,
the processing time of mixtures with Pale
Gold S 184 and Copper S 186 is even reduced
to 4 h.
Owing to the smaller pigment size of Metallic
Pastes it is possible to work with finer fabrics
like 140-31 to 150-31.
Owing to the bigger pigment size of Metallic
Powders we recommend the use of a coarser
fabric like 100-40.
Shades made of Metallic Powders are always
subject to an increased dry abrasion which can
only be reduced by overvarnishing.
All metallic shades are displayed in the Marabu
"Screen Printing Metallics" colour chart.
QNV Thinner 10-15%
ABM Matting Base 5-20%
WM1 Plasticizer 2-5%
MP Matting Powder 2-4%
ES Printing Modifier 0.5-1%
VP Retarder Paste 0-20%
UR 3 Cleaner (flp. 42°C)
UR 4 Cleaner (flp. 52°C)
UR 5 Cleaner (flp. 72°C)
SV 1 Retarder
SV 9 Retarder, slow
7037 Spray Thinner
ST 1 Extender Base
Thinner is added to the ink to adjust the printing
viscosity. For slow printing sequences and
fine motifs, it may be necessary to add retarder
or retarder paste to the thinner. For an additional
thinning of the ink containing retarder, only
pure thinner should be used. For spray coating,
fast Spray Thinner 7037 should be used (on
parts sensitive to tension cracks, preliminary
trials are essential).
Plasticizer WM 1 is recommended if high flexibility
is required from the printed ink film.
This is important for thin substrates with a natural
tendency to roll, as well as for applications
involving cutting or die-cutting of the printed
surface. The use of Plasticizer WM 1 reduces
the drying speed.
The degree of gloss can be reduced by adding
Matting Paste ABM or Matting Powder MP (2%
max. for GO 070 and 170), decreasing the
opacity at the same time.
Printing Modifier ES contains silicone and can
be used to rectify flow problems on critical substrates.
If an excessive amount is added, flow
problems are increased and adhesion may be reduced,
especially when overprinting.
The cleaners UR 3 and UR 4 are recommended
for manual cleaning of the working equipment.
Cleaner UR 5 is recommended for manual or
automatic cleaning of the working equipment.
Printing Parameters
All types of commercially available fabrics and
solvent-resistant stencils can be used.
Shelf Life
Shelf life depends very much on the formula/
reactivity of the ink system as well as the storage
temperature. The shelf life for an unopened
ink container if stored in a dark room at a temperature
of 15 - 25 °C is:
• 2 years for fluorescent shades 320 - 364
• 3.5 years for all other standard products
Under different conditions, particularly higher
storage temperatures, the shelf life is reduced.
In such cases, the warranty given by Marabu expires.
Our technical advice whether spoken, written,
or through test trials corresponds to our current
knowledge to inform about our products
and their use. This is not meant as an assurance
for certain properties of the products nor their
suitability for each application.
You are, therefore, obliged to conduct your
own tests with our supplied products to confirm
their suitability for the desired process or
purpose. The foregoing information is based on
Technical Data Sheet
Mara® Gloss GO
Page 3/4
Marabu GmbH & Co. KG • Phone +49 7141 6910 • •
Vers. 5
19. JanMarabu
our experience and should not be used for specification
The selection and testing of the ink for specific
applications is exclusively your responsibility.
Should, however, any liability claims arise,
they shall be limited to the value of the goods
delivered by us and utilised by you with respect
to any and all damages not caused intentionally
or by gross negligence.
For Mara® Gloss GO and its auxiliaries, there
are current Material Safety Data Sheets available
according to EC regulation 1907/2006, informing
in detail about all relevant safety data
including labelling according to EC regulation
1272/2008 (CLP regulation). Such health and
safety data may also be derived from the respec

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